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Create a wallet

HUGMA Featured Wallet


MetaMask is a wallet for storing ETH and BNB tokens. In addition to token storage, it can also be used in DApps and blockchain games, so it is used by many users.

Trust wallet

Trust Wallet supports the storage of multiple coins. It is an official BINANCE wallet available as a DApp browser. Also available as ERC20, BEP2, and ERC721 tokens.

SafePal Wallet

SFP is an interface for managing various wallets. Functionally, you can store, buy, manage, exchange, and trade 10,000+ cryptocurrencies in one app.

Before using HUGMA, first, create a wallet to store your NFTs and tokens.


HUGMA Featured Wallet

It can be purchased at the following exchanges and sales offices.


Sales office (CEX)
Link HUGMA and wallet

Link your wallet with HUGMA

Just access HUGMA and press 'Access Wallet' in the upper right corner of the screen.

NFT (Purchase Item)

On HUGMA's content page, click the item you want to obtain, and then click Purchase on the product detail page.

NFT Resale

You can resell from the content page of the purchased NFT.

The resale method is sold only at a fixed price. Resale by auction is scheduled to be implemented after release.