FAQWhat is HUGMA Original NFT?
How to buy NFT?plus
Currently, you can only buy with HGHG tokens.
Buy HGHG tokens on the following exchanges and sales offices:
- exchange
- PancakeSwap
- sales office
- Bitrue
Please tell me the flow of the NFT purchase.
To purchase NFT, please refer to the user guide.
How to create a walletplus
There are three wallets that can be linked with HUGMA.
·Trust Walle
‎·SafePal Walle
The wallet is provided as a smartphone app.
For Android users, download and install from Google Play, and iPhone users from the App Store.
Can't access the walle
It is often not possible to connect with MetaMask and it is due to the network it is connected to.
Since MetaMask is an Ethereum wallet, we need to convert the network to BSC.
BSC networks must be added manually.
Enter the following information in MetaMask Settings > Network > Add Network and try to connect to the network you added.
Network Name: Binance Smart Chain
Chain ID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:
Symbol: BNB
Symbol: BNB
Do I need a gas fee?plus
Gas rates apply for purchases and resale. The gas fee is BNB.
How to resellplus
Owners may sell NFTs at any time prior to the resale expiration date of the purchased NFTs. You can resell on the detailed screen of NFT content. In addition, the resale method is only sold at a fixed price. Resale by auction method will be implemented in the future.
Auction methodplus
The owner who bids with the highest price at the end of the auction can acquire NFT. If there is a bid 10 minutes before the end time, the end time will be extended by 10 minutes.
About refundplus
Items purchased once cannot be refunded.
What NFTs will be sold in the future?plus
Famous AV actress agencies and famous actresses are continuously participating in the project, and we plan to provide attractive content while listening to users' voices.
From what age can HUGMA be used?plus
We may sell adult content, so children under the age of 20 are not allowed.
How to log outplus
You can log out from the wallet connection icon in the upper right corner of the screen.